Mobile Gaming: Attracting whole world.


Rising trend of Mobile Gaming.

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In this era of rapid technology, where people keep technology in their pockets. It brought mobile gaming to the top of lists using many sources, such as smartphones, tablet PC’s, pocket PC and feature phones etc. Mobile gaming varies from basic range (like snake game on older phones) to most advanced & developed terms (3D, Reality games).

If we focus upon future trends Mobile gaming would be among the most reputable industries. According to some solid review and surveys of research analysts. It is conducted that gaming industry has generated approximately 90% of revenue in mobile- apps market during the previous year.

On the other side of statistics, gaming on mobile phone is addictive, best way to dip the taste of mind in full joy, no more feeling of boring day, no more slow tic tic of time-watch, easy to carry easy to handle while a lot of fun & entertainment in a return.

When you sit down on your sofa seat and start playing games you can end up your whole day without even noticing a single moment that you have spent a number of hours just on mobile games. You are not the only one on this boat hundreds of thousand people are die-hard fan of this excitement.

Does Mobile Gaming affects your lifestyle badly

As it is obvious that, excessive addiction to these sort of activities causes lack of social interaction, limited circle of activities surrounding you, some kind of negative effects upon your mental and physical health.

But that does not mean you totally cut off yourself from fun & entertainment. In a safe and acceptable terms anybody can play games for enjoyment, entertainment and better taste of life without any harmful impact on social or health routine.

Choice of Mine:

People preference depends upon their own taste or selection. Everyone has different sort of interest line among the various categories of mobile games, for example, adventure, sports, puzzle, shooting, strategic, arcade, jumping, brain teasing, racing , board etc. with ordinary graphics and gameplay.

I have so many games in my cell phone at the moment. But I personally play two of them most in my spare routine. Both of games are full of addiction, entertainment & fun. These games are developed by Codematics.Inc.

You can download both games on Google Play and Apple Store as well.


Flicky Chicky:  is based on Story of mother (Flicky) living with her cute Chicks (Chicky) in a happy family. But one day a squirrel attacks on them badly to eat her chicks. So the game begins here with efforts of Motherhood saving her babies from squirrel. A lot lot of bonus points and news missions are included in this game to play.

-10 Lives for rescuing the chicks from hunter squirrel.
-Every new level is more challenging.
-Classic arcade free chicken jumping and running platform.
-Power shots are available now making flicky more powerful.

Flicky Chicky

Cubieis a brain teaser game which relies on a strong combination of thumb & mind to achieve maximum scores target on leader board. Short & Long jump concept would surely blow your mind on every step.

-Challenging game to play 
-Mind refreshing and brain teaser for both adults and young
-Play this addictive game free online.
-If the cubie stays for more than 0.2 seconds on one slab, it will fall. 
-Report your high score to the leader board. 

Cubie Jumping

I will surely recommend all gaming fans to try both games on their cell phones. I bet you will not regret from it. Kindly do share your feedback with us.

Happy Gaming.

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