Codematics Media Solution is always curious about how we can simplify the daily routine life of smart phone users. After the great success of the top Universal TV Remote Control App, and continuing with CodeMatics aim and vision, we are presenting our new app “Geo Trigger”, which aims to solve the most common issue that most of us face in our daily lives.
Every day we have to accomplish many tasks but often times it happens that we forget to do a task when we are at that specific task location. e.g let’s say your mom asks you to buy something when you are in the market. But you forget it though you visit the market many times. Similarly we get across many things that we do not remember to do when we are at a specific task location.

This Location based reminder app is designed to help users remember what they have to do at a specific location. To make the app convenient for our users, simplicity and easy navigation have been focused in its design. All you have to do is set a location, name it and set the type of reminders, i-e Voice reminder, SMS, Push notifications and Alarms. Also the app can be used to send a SMS message to family and friends and let them know about your location.

The Geo Reminder is the first app of its kind to remind users of their daily work on the exact location. Create your alert zones along with text to speak options. You have everything you need to make you a responsible person regarding performing specific tasks at specific locations, so download the “Geo Trigger” today and enjoy forgetting things.

How to use:
• Click Plus button to get into Geo trigger Settings Screen.
• Enter the Name of Geo reminder.
• Enter the text which you want to receive at a specific Geo Trigger location.
• Click the Location icon and add the specific location for Geo reminder.
• You can set a radius from 100 to 500 meters to get the notifications when you are in the radius of that specific location.
• You can enable the option to send a text message to a specific number from your contact list. This will help you to notify family and friends about your location.
• You have three types of location based notification options i-e Push Notification alert, Text-To-Speech and Alarm. You can set any of these or all of these according to your requirements.
• Save it and forget what you have to do. Geo trigger will notify you about your task at that specific location.
• Once you get the notification it will appear in past notifications and it’s easy to edit and re-schedule it if you need.
• Geo Trigger app gives you the option to add multiple location based reminder notifications.

Features include:
• Location Based Reminder to remind you about your important tasks exactly at the scheduled location.
• You can set unlimited Schedule location based reminders.
• Send real time location based Alert Message to any mobile number.
• See past notifications history of your schedules and reschedule them easily if you want.
• Receive real time alerts when you arrive or leave home, work or school.
• Receive reminders when you are nearing the area of a specific task to do at that place.

Uses include and are not limited to:

• Happy Family Life: Your wife asks you to bring something and you forget it!!!!! Well, we know how it goes AND nobody wants to be at the receiving end of that. 😉
• Security: A very important aspect in today’s world is security. This app can provide you that by letting you send text messages to your family or friends when you reach a specific location without needing you to use your phone.
• Organize your work schedules: Geo Trigger app helps you in completing your tasks on time and on the specific task locations.
• Good for knowing about your kid’s location: Know the location of your kids by receiving location messages of your kids.

We love to hear from you all. Always feel free to contact our very cordial customer support.

Stay Happy 🙂