Cubie Jumping

Cubie Jumping – Cube Game by Codematics.


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Jumping Cubie by Codematics is an entertaining, addictive, and brain teaser game. So In this tap to jump game, you will have to fully concentrate with your thumb, mind, and eyes in full action to help the little cubie take short and long jumps to move from one step to another.

Cubie game Highlights:

Let’s have a quick look at the amazing features of jumping cubie game

Challenging game to play
Mind refreshing and brain teaser for both adults and young
Play this addictive game free online.
If the cubie stays for more than 0.2 seconds on one slab, it will fall.
Report your high score to the leader board.

Kill your free hours with some entertainment by playing jumping cubie game and challenge your friends for beating your highest score record.

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Happy playing Cubie!

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