Fund Raising Record Keeping

May 31, 2020 by Codematics

Fundraising is a feature-rich crowdfunding record keeper app that seamlessly brings a non-profit, streamlined and intuitive fundraising solution to create goals and raise money for donations from anywhere at any time.

Looking for an online fundraising solution? The fundraising app makes money by raising a hassle-free process and stands out from the crowd by providing a simple yet responsive interface and versatile features.
This app comes equipped with everything the user needs for setting and achieving fundraising goals from start to end for the causes or individuals you care about.

It helps to manage goals, track funding, accept donations securely and develop relations with the donors on the go. App users can also call for donations from contributors like friends and family directly from the app. Beneficiaries will receive a mobile-optimized link that allows them to join the campaign and donate money easily. Moreover, it centralizes contact viewing, record-keeping capabilities, and a custom-made dashboard for a better user experience.

Notable Features of Fundraising App
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Interactive screen layouts
  • Push notifications
  • Record tracking
  • Quick response time
  • Easy goals creation and sharing option
  • Glitch-free and secured processing
Simple to Use
  1. Install the fundraising app and start organizing your goals. All you have to do is.
  2. After installation, enter your mobile number and type the OTP to get access to the home screen.
  3. Then add your goal name and amount required to achieve it.
  4. After entering the amount, the app will show the goal status with a percentage.
  5. You can also add contributors by sending invitations at any given time and tracking the donations with a single click.
  6. The contributor shall be added to the campaign after accepting the request.
  7. Donations collected will be shown on the fundraising dashboard of each individual separately and the contributors will get notified once they made a transaction.

This easy-to-use app a with user-friendly interface allows everyone to update the goals as per their choice either for their personal use or for the community. So keep an eye on your goals to make an impact and help the community to grow.

We’re open to new suggestions and updates. Kindly let us know about the app’s functionality and stay hooked for more exceptional features.

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