Flicky Chicky Fun Platform Jump Arcader

May 26, 2018 by Codematics

Click to download for iOS and Android

Codematics Inc. has come up with an amazing and full of fun game, Flicky Chicky.

Super Chicken, Flicky, lives happily with her chicks (Chickies). But one day they all come under a deadly attack of a squirrel (Squirrely). Because the squirrel is clever like fox and master in chicken hunting.

Would you want to protect your little chicks from the hunter squirrel? Will you confuse the squirrel (Squirrely) while protecting your little chicks? Do you want to hide all chicks in a safe place from the hunter?

So, Hurry up, run & run for your chicks (Chickies) to safe them before the tiny wings are trapped by squirrel (Squirrely). The incredibly simple and easy way to protect your chicks is to make your chicken (Flicky) run fast like a crazy chicken, so to protect life of the little ones.

Believe us, Flicky Chicky is the only game which will give you super enjoyment in the urge of protecting chicks from chicken hunter.

Flicky Chicky Highlights
  • Three Lives for making your chicks safe from hunter squirrel.
  • Enjoy 24 levels and wait for more exciting levels that are coming soon.
  • Every NEW level is more challenging.
  • Music will love you play game all the time.
  • Also, game has got unique and funky designing.

Do check it out! You won’t be able to stop yourself from playing this game!

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