Blood Community Pakistan

Blood Community Pakistan – Our Mission and Vision

213 ViewsHow Blood Community is working across the country to fulfill blood supply for needy public. If we search out for some research reports of Welfare Organizations, Hospitals and Emergency centers in Pakistan. Their consequences are not much satisfactory as they should be. Especially if we pin point the most relevant issue, which is less number of Blood Donors in …

Blood Donation

Blood Donation importance- Give blood Save lives

336 ViewsHuman Nature relies on helping each other during the life saving moments. Blood Donation is one of the aspect among them. Blood & Blood Donation: “The Red Liquid circulating in veins structure of human being and other living organisms is called Blood“. It provides oxygen to heart while removes quantity of waste elements in form of carbon dioxide. Life-Cycle …

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Foldable Smartphones – What to expect in 2019

522 ViewsSoon this new magic of Foldable phones is going to stimulate the whole tech industry. Smartphones to Foldable Smartphones: Mobile Phone industry is designated among the catalog of top revenue generators having an enormous impact on market economy of business world. There is an estimated figure of about 5 Billion mobile device users around the globe with 2.5 billion …


Data Privacy and Protection -Cybercrime

421 ViewsData Privacy, a most highlighted topic in modern time-zone of technological world. The word Data Privacy is not just a word only, its a most valuable asset and right of every single individual. From the last few decades technological journey is successfully achieving the milestone of its development phases. Things have become more advanced and automated beyond the limits. …

Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote Control for LG TV on IOS

1,611 ViewsThe Best Universal Remote Control App for LG electronic devices. Using a single remote control device to control all your electronic equipment is no doubt a good experience . As mobile phone has become a major gadget that people always carry with them, so having an application installed on your mobile device that works as a remote control will …


Mobile Gaming: Attracting whole world.

369 ViewsRising trend of Mobile Gaming. In this era of rapid technology, where people keep technology in their pockets. It brought mobile gaming to the top of lists using many sources, such as smartphones, tablet PC’s, pocket PC and feature phones etc. Mobile gaming varies from basic range (like snake game on older phones) to most advanced & developed terms (3D, …

Digital Marketing Techniques

Digital Marketing – A revolution in business world.

458 ViewsPositive changes in a Business structure by adapting Digital Marketing tactics. Technological changes have shifted a large portion of business flow towards new patterns of track. While stories of door to door and physical marketing has gone old now. Today’s scenario demands technology oriented strategies to uplift a business into the right direction. Digital Marketing has made it possible …

Remote Control

Remote Control for Sony Tv by Codematics.

1,351 ViewsRemote Control for Sony Bravia is a smart TV control app for iOS users by Codematics. It gives you an easy and amazing solution to control your Sony Bravia TV with iPhone. A fully functional remote control for Sony device that gives you the ease of use. Opening the apps installed on your Sony TV directly from your iPhone …

Remote Control

Universal Remote Control for Roku Devices

862 ViewsClick to download for IOS and Android. So wait is over here for Roku Smart TV/device holders. Codematics Inc is presenting Universal Remote Control app for Roku Smart TV on iOS platform. It provides an easy and amazing solution to control your Roku TV with iPhone. A fully functional Remote Control that gives you an ease use. Opening the apps installed …

Cubie Jumping

Cubie Jumping – Cube Game by Codematics.

362 ViewsJumping Cubie by Codematics is an entertaining, addictive, and brain teaser game. So In this tap to jump game, you will have to fully concentrate with your thumb, mind, and eyes in full action to help the little cubie take short and long jumps to move from one step to another. Cubie game Highlights: Let’s have a quick look …