Remote Control for Sony Tv

Remote for Sony Bravia is a smart TV control app for iOS users by Codematics. It gives you an easy and amazing solution to control your Sony Bravia TV/ Devices with iPhone. A fully functional remote control for Sony device that gives you the ease of opening the apps installed on your Sony TV directly from your iPhone. For its …

Remote Control for Roku Devices

“Universal Remote — Roku TV/Devices” is a smart TV control app for iOS users. It gives you an easy and amazing solution to control your Roku TV/ Devices with iPhone. A fully functional remote control for Roku device that gives you the ease of opening the apps installed on your Roku device directly from your iPhone. For its perfect and …

Cubie – Jumping Cube

Jumping Cubie is an entertaining, addictive, and brain teaser game. In this tap to jump game, you will have to fully concentrate with your thumb, mind, and eyes in full action to help the little cubie take short and long jumps to move from one step to another. Cubie game Highlights: Let’s have a quick look at the amazing features …

Bomb Diffuse

The bomb diffuse is a simple, fast and entertaining game to be amused whenever you are feeling bored. This game has a story in which you are on a rescue mission to save the city. Dare to rescue the city and make the world peaceful. • How to play: Keep on diffusing the bombs by tapping on them. • Loosing …

Flicky Chicky

Codematics Inc. has come up with an amazing and full of fun game, Flicky Chicky. Super Chicken, Flicky, lives happily with her chicks (Chickies). One day they all come under a deadly attack of a squirrel (Squirrely). The squirrel is clever like fox and master in chicken hunting. Would you want to protect your little chicks from the hunter squirrel? …


UET Mardan Mini Olympics, 2017

In pursuing the determination of supporting youth of the region, Codematics has always been there. We were thrilled to celebrate the spirit of sports and talent through sponsoring 8TH Mini Olympics, 2017 held at University of Engineering Mardan, Pakistan. In 2017, University of Engineering Mardan kicked off its 8th Mini Olympics in which sixteen teams from different departments of the …

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Digital Youth Summit, 2018

We are pleased to be the official sponsor for Digital Youth Summit, 2018. Codematics Inc. is moving ahead with the mission of building an entrepreneurial eco-system in Pakistan. Digital Youth Summit is organised with the same aim of encouraging Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Digital Skills. It is a technology focused conference that takes place annually in Peshawar, Pakistan. The summit aims …


Connected Pakistan Conference, 2017

Codematics Inc. was one of the proud sponsors for Connected Pakistan Conference, 2017. This event has been conducted with the purpose of Empowering Pakistan’s Future. Arranging events of this nature are a source of encouragement for promoting IT industry & opening doors for youth towards more empowerment & employment opportunities. Further, it boosted the commitment to wipe out ignorance, despair …


Digital Youth Summit, 2017

Codematics had been official sponsor of Digital Youth Summit in 2017. Digital Youth Summit is one of Pakistan’s longest running tech conferences that takes place in Peshawar, Pakistan. This Mega event is arranged by mutual collaboration of KP IT Board and the World Bank. It brings, civil society, government, entrepreneurs, investors, and professional on a single platform to take digital …