Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote Control for LG TV on IOS

8,071 ViewsClick to download for IOS and Android. The Best Universal Remote Control App for LG electronic devices. Using a single remote control device to control all your electronic equipment is no doubt a good experience . As mobile phone has become a major gadget that people always carry with them, so having an application installed on your mobile device …


Mobile Gaming: Attracting whole world.

1,434 ViewsRising trend of Mobile Gaming. Click to download for IOS and Android. In this era of rapid technology, where people keep technology in their pockets. It brought mobile gaming to the top of lists using many sources, such as smartphones, tablet PC’s, pocket PC and feature phones etc. Mobile gaming varies from basic range (like snake game on older phones) …

Digital Marketing Techniques

Digital Marketing – A revolution in business world.

1,418 ViewsPositive changes in a Business structure by adapting Digital Marketing tactics. Technological changes have shifted a large portion of business flow towards new patterns of track. While stories of door to door and physical marketing has gone old now. Today’s scenario demands technology oriented strategies to uplift a business into the right direction. Digital Marketing has made it possible …