Pcam – Your Own Personal Camera !!!

Personal Camera (Pcam) is an app that is absolutely perfect for the privacy of your Gallery. The first secure camera App of its kind which provides you perfect photo privacy and a secure gallery for the pictures you take from the phone. It makes you feel secure & comfortable about the photos you capture from… Read More »

Universal TV Remote Control

Universal TV Remote control is an amazing mobile application that is developed for Smart TV users and IR blaster compatible TV set users to control their TV sets from a mobile phone. With over 35 million users in 100 countries, Universal TV remote App is moving ahead as a top choice in the world. Problems… Read More »

Bomb Diffuse

The bomb diffuse is a simple, fast and entertaining game to be amused whenever you are feeling bored. This game has a story in which you are on a rescue mission to save the city. Dare to rescue the city and make the world peaceful. • How to play: Keep on diffusing the bombs by… Read More »

Universal Tv Remote Control (The No. 1 Remote Control Android App)

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Flash on Call and SMS (Android App)

The No.1 Flash on Call and SMS App on Google Play Flash On Call and SMS is a smart and Top Rated application available on the Google Play Store. Flash on Call and SMS app gives flash alerts on incoming calls and SMS with the Flash blink of your camera. Flash On Call and Flash… Read More »

Auto Silence at Prayer’s Time (Android App)

A very useful app for the muslims around the globe     Automatically Silences phones at prayer time in mosques and automatically Unsilences them after prayers Prayer Time Silencer and Un-silencer is a user friendly app used to change the ringer mode of android phones automatically. It was a must needed application for every Muslim.… Read More »

Codematics Inc. (Top Growing IT Company)

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